VIDEO: Horror as plane steps collapse sending six passengers plunging 12ft onto tarmac

Six passengers boarding Ural Airlines in the Siberian city of Barnaul sustained injuries on Tuesday morning when they fell onto the tarmac after the plane steps collapsed.

According to airport officials, three of the six were rushed to hospital after the Airbus A320 nightmare and one has a suspected broken leg.

“They all fell at once, it was like watching a computer game,” said a passenger

“I was about to go up the steps when it happened. I was the first who ran to help,” stated another who was lucky to avoid the accident.

Western Siberia Transport Prosecutor’s official Oksana Gorbunova said inspectors were working at the airport to examine what went wrong.

A Barnaul airport representative said the accident was due to a ‘hidden fault’ on the steps which was “impossible to detect” during the regular pre-flight check.

Here is the video courtesy of Siberian Times:

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