Return my bags or buy me new clothes, says furious passenger after Airline forgets to load luggage

The crew of a Pakistan International Airlines flight from Karachi to Multan messed up.

It forgot to load the luggage of over half the passengers on board the flight on Thursday and the passengers were not pleased.

Worried about their bags, they staged a protest over the incident at the Multan airport. One protesting woman had come to the city for a wedding. She sarcastically asked if the airline would send her to a boutique to buy clothes for the wedding she had to attend. “They charge immediately for everything. I won’t leave without my luggage,” she said. via SAMAA 


WATCH: Furious passenger responds to cancelled flight by BURNING his luggage

CANCELLED flights are undoubtedly infuriating, but one angry passenger in Pakistan took his reaction to the extreme when he decided to do something very odd in protest after his plane was grounded.
Flights which are cancelled when passengers have already arrived at the airport will undeniably infuriate travellers.

However, no matter how angry they might be, very few will go to the extreme lengths one passenger went to in protest at his grounded flight in Pakistan.

The flier, who had booked a flight with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), was so angry his flight was cancelled, he decided to set fire to his luggage.

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