Passengers praise Singapore Airlines on how they handled overnight delay due to Manila runway closure

On August 17, a Xiamen Air aircraft skidded off a runway at Ninoy Aquino’s International Airport (NAIA), which led to widespread flight disruption that lasted, in some cases, days.

Thankfully, no one on the plane was seriously injured.

A Facebook post by Marvin Tomandao, sheds some light to how Singapore Airlines handles flight delays of this scope.


Marvin Tomandao added 5 new photos — with Rennie Tolentinoat Changi Airport.

The biggest fear when bringing a first-timer abroad is for something untoward to happen.

It was my niece’s birthday. I wanted everything to be perfect. However, the inevitable happened and we were two of the thousands of “casualties” of last Friday’s NAIA fiasco. Our flight from Singapore Friday night was retimed twice.

But we were far from unlucky. We were well taken care of the whole delay, avoiding it to turn out to be a horrific experience for my niece.

  1. Singapore Airlines Manager Haziq Sulaiman would go to the mic every so often, to deliver clear updates about our flight and the situation in Manila. He would apologize at the start of every announcement, as if the NAIA runway overshoot was his fault.
  2. Right after the first announcement of delay was made, SQ rolled out unlimited sandwiches, muffins and drinks.
  3. A little later, we were all instructed to line up for a one-by-one instruction about our accommodation for the night.
  4. We were all given five-star hotel rooms, buffet dinner and limo cab service to and from the hotel.
  5. Three SQ Managers were at the hotel lobby, early in the morning, to facilitate our swift checkout and made sure we get cabs to the airport.
  6. When we arrived back at the airport, they provided special lanes for the cancelled Manila flights, making sure we checked in the fastest.
  7. Back at the boarding gate, again, unlimited sandwiches, muffins and drinks.
  8. An announcement about another hour and a half delay was made. Right after the announcement, we were given a $15SG voucher each for breakfast at specifically appointed restaurants.
  9. Before flying, all passengers were given a flight delay survey, to help the airline assess how they handled the situation.
  10. Upon clearance to fly, a number number of SQ Managers lined up on our way to the plane to apologize for the last time and wish us all a pleasant flight.

Airlines from the Philippines, how difficult is this to do? 😔

5 / 5 stars     

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