Footage of my last day as a flight attendant (except I’m a girl, I don’t own shorts — and this is really

FLIGHT journeys from one destination to another, buckled into a plane seat, are terrifying enough for some particularly nervous travellers. Yet one passenger in Brazil took things a step further by climbing onto the wing as the craft was moving, before making a jaw-dropping move.

Airline passengers are fully briefed about in-flight safety as they board a plane. The cabin crew are on-hand to give demonstrations of the nearest safety exits on the aircraft, as well as outlining where life-saving equipment such as inflatable vests and breathing masks can be found. Yet one daredevil decided to forego all briefings in a move which left his fellow travellers stunned. A video posted to Instagram account, Passenger Shaming, shows his nail-biting behaviour unfold in a matter of minutes.+

It depicts the individual wearing a black top, bright blue shorts and a rucksack strapped to his back.

He begins his feat by venturing out onto the plane wing barefoot.

Starting near to the vehicle’s body, he then side steps towards the very edge.

A babble of concerned chatter can be heard as he fools around, daring enough tout his thumbs up and do a fist pump.

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